I’m an American language Instructor with over 20 years experience in the educational world at all levels of proficiency and have taught not only English, but also French, Spanish and Italian.

I have taught at all levels of proficiency and to all types of audiences, from school to university level, as well as Business English. 

I have prepared many people for the Cambridge Examinations, TOEFL and GMAT.

I hold a BS from Columbia University, and an MS and a PhD from New York University.   I have also taught and am a specialist in the area of Cross-Cultural Communication which includes CC Presentation, CC Negotiations, CC Team building, Diversity in the workplace, etc. in many countries around the world. Besides being fluent in Italian, French and Spanish, I also speak Danish, Norwegian and Swedish and can get by in German.

I have all the technical equipment needed for online teaching as well as plenty of materials, but above all I have a passion for teaching. Seeing my students progress and express themselves in a new language is one of the greatest satisfactions I know.

Best wishes,